Is management capable of driving transformation in your company?

Projects aimed at achieving transformation are among the most challenging of all change initiatives. They require adaptation not only of management structures, but reorientation of employees’ cognitive understanding of the business and their activities within it. There is general consensus that systematic transformation has significant impacts across business units. During transformation projects, the business units responsible for implementing initiatives, which are often also the most deeply affected by them, can struggle to drive change sustainably.

In our work, we’ve identified the following questions as key:


Are decision makers in your company aware of the key differences between change and transformation?


Does management have experience when it comes to designing a company-wide architecture of transformation?


What capabilities do managers need to drive these initiatives?

Case Example

Status Quo:

The CEO of German corporation has communicated to us his intention/ the necessity to fundamentally transform the structure and culture of the firm: The market and the clients demand integrated solutions and applications. This requires closer cooperation of the different business departments which, hitherto, were largely autonomous. However, cross-border cooperation is not part of the company’s DNA and the he realizes the importance of strengthening the motivation, engagement and the ability to work closely with different company units, cultural areas and business approaches.

Key statement by the client during the project development:

“The Custom Team listens carefully and is able to pull the right levers to improve and transform the company based on a very good comprehension of the initial situation”.

Joint Project:

Transformation „Collaborative Leadership“

Our access to expertise across numerous institutes at the University St. Gallen combined with constant, pragmatic support through the Executive School makes us a stand-out partner for effective management of transformation processes.

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