Are you satisfied with the processes of strategy development and implementation in your organization?

How to effectively develop strategy is a critical concern in today’s world, where options abound. Exploring strategic challenges with relevant stakeholders and generating a commonly shared vision for the future is crucial.

In our work, we‘ve identified the following questions as key to success:


Is strategy development top-down, or does your organization involve the stakeholders responsible for implementation early in the process?


Is top management aligned on areas of the company to be targeted for strategic development, or are they working in different directions, focused on divergent visions?


How can you build a strategic framework that provides a clear direction for your company, while simultaneously allowing space for a climate of collaborative organizational development?

Strategic development in a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world is challenging. The widely known strategic management expertise provided by the University of St. Gallen offers you frameworks that help you build strategy and foster alignment within your company, giving you a lasting competitive edge.

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