Is the top management of your company qualified to lead through periods of change?
Only uncertainty is certain.

There is consensus among industry leaders when it comes to the relentlessness of external threats and constantly changing market demands. None of us can fully predict or prepare for the consequences. Decision makers with the skills, adaptability and resilience to operate in uncertainty are in high demand, for processes ranging from the introduction of new business models, to the implementation of strategic changes. Still, speed remains the key factor in maintaining and achieving competitive advantage.

Recently, we’ve observed a change in the qualification profile for executives, leading to new key questions about leadership:



Do you know how managers in your company perform in comparison to those leading your competition?


How do you ensure your managers lead effectively in the face of competitive threats?


Do you know what specific competencies and capabilities decision makers need to have, in order to effectively confront the high demands of today‘s VUCA environment?

Case Example

Status Quo:

A well-known global car manufacturer announces during an on-going project a new tender for additional groups of managers. This is an uncomfortable situation for us as the Custom Team: On the one hand because an intense and exciting program could entice the client to change the decision in the future and on the other hand as we have continued to improve the program in the meantime. And now the solicitation of a new tender! “What could we further improve?” is now the key question on our minds.

We decide to assess the existing project based on a clear strength/weakness analysis, to identify further potential and to excite the client with new innovation areas, with success:

Key statement by the client during the project development:

“We have realized that we cannot neglect the topic of learning transfer and that we receive the output based on our payment for the transfer. I am pleased that our teams are now coached more intensively during the implementation process. The ideas and interventions of the University of St. Gallen to increase the overall impact during the program have convinced us.”

Joint Project:

Enabling Executives


At the University of St.Gallen, we help you answer these and other key questions, while using our expertise to support you in cultivating leaders prepared for the 21st century.

Please contact us for a detailed introduction; we’ll take care of the rest!

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