Are you satisfied with the speed at which innovation happens in your company, and the quality of the results?

Even though the topic of innovation is omnipresent in today’s fast-paced world, many decision makers are concerned that both the rate and impact of internal innovation does not match the mounting technological progress in the market. So what can companies do to be more competitive?

In our work, we’ve identified the following questions as key:



What does innovation mean within your company?


How is innovation organized and integrated within the management culture?


How can you foster an organizational climate conducive to innovation, which encourages your employees to take on responsibility?

Case Example

Status Quo:

The CEO of a traditional German company considers substantial parts of the firm’s business areas and the current business model to be under considerable pressure by external technological innovation. He realizes the importance of equipping the management team with the necessary skills to handle new tasks on different levels in order to resolutely seize future growth opportunities.

It is paramount to generate enthusiasm for new topics such as business model innovation among the management. This is a prerequisite to improve the ability of decision-makers to redefine their own approach to innovation as well as the management and execution of innovation projects.

Key statement by the client during the project development:

“I want the Custom Team, as specialists for the design of learning and development initiatives, to enable our decision-makers to realize the strategic objective of developing new business models.”

Joint Project:

Driving Innovation

Integrated approached, exemplified by our world-renowned St. Gallen Business Model Navigator, allow us to address these and other key questions. The University of St. Gallen has the faculty, experience and expertise to offer unparalleled support in introducing, implementing, and extending innovation within your organization.

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