Does your organization recognize diversity and inclusion as a strategic competitive advantage in uncertain times?

Much academic work in this area focuses on the ethical dimensions of diversity and inclusion. But ethics alone cannot give companies a long-term edge.

Diversity and inclusion are more than trends; they are crucial organizational capabilities in periods of volatility. Preparing for future market developments and adopting new products are examples of diversity and inclusion. Incorporating multiple perspectives when developing products can help companies address the largest possible customer base.

In our work, we’ve identified the following questions as key:



Does my organization recognize diversity as an opportunity for dealing with the complexity of today’s business world?


How does management react to conflicting information?


Is my organization receptive to and willing to implement different perspectives?

Case Example

Status Quo:

A client from the financial industry informs us during a discussion about the objective of top management to increase the share of women on the board. Hitherto, it has been difficult to attract highly qualified women after their maternal leave (apparently they get hired by the competition). Variety in perspective and other leadership skills are considered to be especially valuable, as the core business itself is subject to a process of change. It is part of the internal self-image to aim to hire the “best of the best female managers”.

Key statement by the client during the project development:

“The University of St. Gallen is not only a leading management school but has also realized the importance of Diversity. The school has substantially positioned female and male professors within the topic and acquired practical and relevant expertise during the “Women-back-to-Business-Program”.

Joint Project:

Reintegration and capability building for female managers


At the University of St. Gallen, our Competence Center of Diversity and Inclusion supports our strong team of experts in helping you manage and implement diversity and inclusion sustainably within your organization.

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