How can you overcome the uncertainties inherent to digital transformation?

Studies have shown that digital transformation is key to success, but also hotly contested. A generation of decision makers is aware of the growing importance of this trend, but is constrained by limited knowledge of the digital world. As a result, they often depend on external consultants, which makes them vulnerable.

Our experience has brought the following key questions to the forefront:



Do you have sufficient knowledge as a decision maker to understand and assess the potential of digital transformation?


Have you identified the interdependencies between the digital transformation and your corporate strategy?


Do you know how to use the digital transformation in your company and have you identified potential consequences?

Case Example

Status Quo:

The representative for Business Development participates in a workshop on Digital Transformation. Afterwards, he presents his plans to strengthen and simplify the B2B communication and B2B processes by employing digital solutions. There are already partially developed ideas in place but without the necessary process maturity.

Key statement by the client during the project development:

“The idea to integrate important company stake holders in the topic with a Design Thinking workshop
has provided precisely the kind of spirit we needed for the project. From now on, we are working on the detailed implementation with the required management attention.”

Joint Project:

Digital Transformation „Developing B2B Management“


Various integrated models, such as the St. Galler House of Digital Business, have enabled us to consider these critical issues. Let the University of St. Gallen provide your company with the knowledge and tools it needs to take advantage of all digital transformation has to offer.

Please contact us for a detailed introduction, and we’ll take care of the rest!

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