Meet & Greet

Meet one of our professors in a personal setting to discuss the topics and themes important to you and your organization.

Are you aware of this unique and exclusive opportunity to meet interesting personalities for a free exchange of minds at the University of St. Gallen?

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This time: A discussion with Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zwygart, Honorary Professor for General Management at the University of St. Gallen

“Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zwygart is a legal expert and worked as a lawyer. He was a professional soldier and became Major General in the Swiss Army.
He already early showed great affinity to the topic of leadership and has published various books on this topic during his time at the military up until today.
In the course of his career, he became Global Head Training & Communications of Deutsche Bank AG London as well as Chief Learning Officer at Zurich Insurance Group. He is widely esteemed for his expertise in the training of top executives.”

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Open Online Conversation

We are excited to present to you our new Open Online Conversation Series.

The general outline includes a lecture by a professor of the University of St. Gallen on a very interesting meta-topic which is highly relevant in the current economy. This will be followed by the opportunity to directly engage the speaker during a Q&A session.

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