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Who we are

The Executive School of Management, Technology and Law at the University of St.Gallen (ES-HSG) is a platform for all professional development and executive education activities in the fields of management, economics, law, social sciences and international affairs.

The Custom Team at ES-HSG designs and develops programs customized, or tailored, to the specific needs of your organization. This includes impact initiatives, as well as leadership development.

Ranked #4 in Financial Times European Business School Ranking, 2015

What We Do

We support our clients in building the toolkits they need to overcome any challenge that arises in the field of corporate development.

We introduce best practice models grounded in academic research and tested in the real world. The frameworks we work with are sustainable and have a proven track record of raising corporate performance and increasing competitive advantage.

We support decision makers as they take on significant transformation initiatives, helping them achieve their goals for their organization, while further developing their fundamental skills.

What drives us

Most of our impact programs target CEOs, CFOs, and heads of business operations, learning & development, and human resources departments. We work in both worlds, and understand both operational and corporate positions. We integrate both points of view into our work with clients in order to achieve impact. After all, that’s our slogan at the University of St Gallen: from insight to impact.

Who benefits from our services

We work most often with ambitious companies based in Europe, but active internationally. Our clients are looking for genuine partners to be their sounding board as they reach strategic decisions, and ensure sustainable, long-term impact over the course of the process.
We offer this support, drawing from the most recent academic research and practical developments in the fields of innovation, convergence, leadership, cross-industry, and others.

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    31 institutes, labs, own Exed-Campus and the Executive School as your door opener to a faculty with true entrepreneurial spirit.
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    Do you know other Business Schools which offer management, technology & law expertise?
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    Please just ask for real clients’ contact details for personal and substantial feedback.
    image «You think the academic world has no clue whats going on...?
    More than 50% of our research initatives are company driven.»
    image «The exploration & design phase is the prerequisite to establish relevant relationships with all stakeholders, sharing & integrating different views, setting up the right targets and the didactical concept of a real learning experience with impact.
    Thats what we call a co-creative customizing process.»
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    We mean it – share the experience.
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    Thats why we provide them in our programmes.
    image «Without our impact driven transfer architecture some things remain diffused.»
    Learn about our Executive Transfer Approach.
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    There are times when there isno time for a programme. We help you to solve your problem together with our Custom Expertise Leaders. Call us.
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